David Rodan Wins Dancing with the stars!!

So dancing with the stars 2014 is over and this years winner is David rodan
! Ex football player and amazing dancer. He was always great all through the series and can honestly believe he won- just because he was so great!  I cant wait for next years season!

Anyway have a great week!



Have you ever had a dance exam?, they’re sooo draining!

So its past concert time where I dance which means……DANCE EXAMS Fun right? Nope they are terrible. You have to buddy up with someone and choreograph a 3 minute dance. This year the song is Heroes  by Alesso which is a great song but a pain to dance to. I’m partners with my best friend which makes the whole thing a little easier. So far we have 2 weeks until exams and we’re only made a start which I hate, Ahh Dance exams with be the death of me.


Hi everybody,                                                                                                                                              This blog is about my passion for dance. If you love it just as much as I do look around and read some columns and maybe even post me a comment and I will get back to you. If not just have a look at the videos and leave me a comment.